Strictly Come Dancing latest: Jeremy Vine on dancing in his dreams…

Jeremy Vine admits to dreaming of his steps every night when his head hits the pillow

The BBC presenter Jeremy Vine has confessed that his dancing shoes ‘don’t quite fit yet’ and says he is dreaming of his steps at night.

11219121_1715818791971332_8329650725962436072_nThe Strictly star, who is keeping a diary of his Strictly journey on his official website, told his fans that ‘it’s tough out there’ and the judges were justifiably harsh to him on Saturday night.

He says: The judges were tough but I am learning steps at the age of 50 that Karen learned when she was eight. Natalie Lowe started dancing in Australia when she was THREE. Ainsley and I were talking to Darcey on elimination night backstage, and she suddenly pulled an incredible dance move on us – left foot forward, the hips rotating – and we both just went, ‘Wow,’ and roared with laughter. So we know we are not dancers yet. But Strictly gives you everything a dancer needs: shoes, a floor, a band, a partner, an audience. The steps are up to us – they are what take the time, and work, and repetition. Even at night I dream of my steps.’

‘Now we have the wind in our sails; the scoreboard is wiped blank and everyone starts afresh’

After Jeremy realised he was not in the bottom two, he jumped around in joy hugging his dance partner Karen Clifford – twice. He added: ‘Yes, I admit, I celebrated being spared the chop as if I had won the entire contest – oops! I hope I didn’t embarrass myself with my reaction to being spared from elimination but as the night drew on, and the whole imminent horror got more and more real, I realised how upset for Karen I would be if we went out. I didn’t want her to feel that she had let me down when in fact it is me that has struggled to get it right. Still, every moment has been joyful, as perhaps you can tell! And I am hoping that, inch by inch I can get better.’

Follow Jeremy’s personal Strictly journey at his official website or you can see the official Strictly Come Dancing page (where you can watch again) here:

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