Son stole £300,000…off his elderly dad

A twisted son pretended to be his own father so he could swindle a small fortune from him.

Ian Huntley, 63, managed to pass himself off as his unwell 94-year-old dad in phone conversations with an insurance firm. Using his devious methods he obtained £246,333 in June 2013.

But he wasn’t finished there, in June 2104 he claimed to have power of attorney over his father’s livelihood and withdrew £78,405 from his dad’s ISA at a major high street bank.

However, even though his dad, Robert, is very sick he noticed that he had been conned and realised that it was his own son who had carried out the theft. Robert has now disowned his son.

What makes the story even more troubling is that Robert had already given his son a house, which is worth circa £400k.

Mr Huntley was jailed for twenty months at Guildford Crown Court. Judge Neil Stewart said: “Your father is in his 90s and has had a stroke, so his speech is an issue, but his mental faculties are still secure.

“He has made a statement about this.

“This was simply devastating. He doesn’t want to see you anymore.

“He is in a care home and needs funds to pay for that care.

“This has significantly impacted on him.”

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