Sleaford Mods are Playing Dismaland and They’re Pretty Happy About It

Sleaford Mods are scheduled to play at Banksy’s much talked about Dismaland this Friday, an event that frontman Jason Williamson has personally been looking forward to ahead of their Key Markets UK tour this month:

“I got asked about 8 months ago if Sleaford fancied playing an art exhibition. I asked who’s it was and got told whose it was and I thought yes, why not? I thought it was really good that we’d been asked. Why shouldn’t I think it was really good that we’d been asked? Am I supposed to say no because a lot of Banksy’s work is bought by rich people? In the eyes of the entertainment media it’s proclaimed that prominent figures from that industry attend his exhibitions. What’s he supposed to do about that then? If anything. Why is this an issue? Why is this somehow a signified port of self-corruption, a prime example of personal demise? Banksy, the people’s enemy, pointing a stick at us, the herd… Fuck off. It’s understood in some quarters that Dismaland is an insult to the masses because the tickets fall out of an upturned shopping trolley?

“Yeah, he’s laughing at us, he had to be, surely. He’s calling us all thick bastards.”

Fuck off, really? It’s a political witch hunt these days and I can’t deny we don’t chase targets down the fuckin’ street but this notion of critique levelled at this event is bollocks. It’s only an issue because you don’t quite know why, do you? It just feels good being an issue doesn’t it? Do you feel his pricing as regards to his work is a bit out of your wallet? Of course it is, it’s fuckin’ good art, that’s why. Stuff that’s fuckin’ good tends to be more expensive (apart from whiz) if it’s floating for monetary gain in the darkness of the free market, that’s just how things are. Good works also contain extended effort which is usually married with extended study but as we know, this can be used negatively and most of the time it is. I don’t see any negativity in Dismaland to be honest, it’s an exhibition of the brutality of constant human error. I couldn’t give a fuck how much money he charges for whatever and that’s simply because he makes an effort, he comments and very powerfully. I do understand however that literally no one is ever pleased, I understand that, but please, just fuck off. When it sinks, and it will, then we will all go.”

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