By Mani Khawaja (@manikhawaja88)

I’ll start off this review with an honest disclaimer. I’m not a fan of instrumentals. I believe that lyrics are one of the most important elements, if not the most important element, of a song.

So when I received Colours, the latest offering from Glasgow-based post rock band Vasa, I was surprised to find myself blown away.

The first track, ‘Smashlettes’, is manic and energetic right off the bat, maintaining a feel-good, positive vibe via an infectious melody. It draws you in immediately and, rather than meandering like so many other post rock instrumentals, the track is short enough to leave you wanting for more. The lead single and third track on the album, ‘Fat Ronaldo’, is a great example of what this band is all about- raw, energetic and infectious.

It is no secret that Vasa take inspiration from guitarist Blaine Thompson’s synaesthesia. In fact, when the band found out that Thompson assigns colours to musical sounds he hears, they decided to incorporate a nod to colours in every creative aspect of the band.

The whole album is upbeat for the most part, moving as one seamless experience. The material is surprisingly melodic, laced with heavy riffs and power chords while taking cues from the band’s Celtic influences.

While Colours isn’t going to convert any staunch anti-instrumentalists, fans of the genre will find a lot to love in its bubbly aesthetic.


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