By Michelle Ryan (@ShellRyan33)

Infinity Girl may not be the hottest name on everyone’s lips right now but give it a minute and you’ll be glad you stopped by to check them out.

The group emerged in 2012 with their Stop Being On My Side album before releasing an EP later that same year, starting to build buzz around their noise. Their sound became decidedly experimental and deviant. Now, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston band have taken another turn in their musical navigations and dropped their latest LP, Harm via Topshelf Records.

There’s no holding back on album opener ‘Hesse’, packing a serious punch from the second it starts. Firehead’ meanwhile is layered in contradictions and complexities for any avid musical connoisseur to enjoy. This is the harder side of shoegaze; if Frank Black and The Pixies are your kind of Noise then Harm  will scratch the same itch.  It can be easy to get lost in the haze of electric guitars and drums, especially as ‘Musei’ comes to an end, but that’s one of the selling points of Harm – it’s a collection for different types of listeners. Whether you just want some background noise or are at your happiest picking apart every cymbal and bass kick, this album has something for you.

There’s always something new to be uncovered with each listen so be prepared to hit the replay button more than once. Infinity Girl have created a memorable piece of work full of twists and turns ready for the most discerning ears to hear.


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