Review: Farao – Till It’s All Forgotten

By Eleanor Stammeijer (@ElStammjamm)

Indie folk meets electronic, the ‘celestial pop’ or Farao’s Till It’s All Forgotten is a vocally hypnotic, texturally rich release. Helmed by Grammy Award Winner Andrew Scheps, known for his work with artists like Lana Del Ray and Hozier, Farao walks an airier and more other-worldly line, an essence that is laced throughout its tracks.

There are moments in Till It’s All Forgotten that aim to disarm. Kari Jahnsen’s emotional vocals provide a counterpoint to the harsher electronic sounds to create captivating, intricate layers, building to a hypnotic effect. It works.  ‘Hunter’ is an early standout, possessed of a mysterious filmic quality, the soundscapes shifting in the slow motion of delirium.

Most tracks use techniques of adding harmonies to the repeated riffs, which help to build up each individual piece. The sometimes simple openings put you in a sense of false security as you’re lured into the increasingly-complex compositions. ‘Maze’ is a perfect example of these builds.

Enticing, enthralling, ethereal – Till It’s all Forgotten is an album that will affect its listener. Big production and tight songwriting has given the record diverse appeal with a niche flavour. Whether it’s being showcased in a sell-out film or on a relaxing playlist on your streaming service of choice, you need to be enchanted by Kari’s fantastic alter-ego.

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