Review: Charlotte Carpenter – The Fault Line

By Michelle Ryan (@ShellRyan33)

These days when it comes to music, especially of the pop genre, it’s either music or lyrics. One will suffer to give centre stage to the other but every so often there are those exceptional moments when an artist gets it all right. Musically and lyrically Charlotte Carpenter has done just that. She knows what she’s doing and she’s not afraid to show it off on her new collection.

From the very start, The Fault Line draws you in. Charlotte is a storyteller and all good stories need an infectious opening line that takes hold of your imagination and focuses your attention. The first line of ‘Break’ might not win any awards but the simplicity of “This isn’t your fault, this isn’t mine,” instantly appeals to the gossip inside us all. It makes us want to hear the story to find out just what’s gone wrong.

Moving on from the calm discussions of ‘Break’, Carpenter hits us right between the eyes with ‘Mean Time’. I’m not ashamed to admit that this one got to me a bit. It’s all about the struggle to achieve the life you want but having to settle for the ‘Mean Time’; working a job you don’t like but have to take in order to make ends meet, keeping you going until something better comes along. Carpenter conveys that fear of getting stuck which haunts us all.

The Fault Line really gives a lot to its listeners over its four tracks. ‘Wasted’ quickens the paces and raises the tension, attacking us with her frustrations and reverberating guitars. After that stomper we’re brought back to a sombre reality with closing track ‘Sometimes The Blues’ that really pulls on those heartstrings.

Charlotte Carpenter is definitely no rookie to the industry (this is her fifth self-released EP) but there is a sense with the refreshing material on The Fault Line that her star is ready to shine even more brightly.


The Fault Line is out now.

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