Review: Blaenavon – Miss World

By Declan Roberts (@DeclanMR)

For a trio from Liphook, an unassuming town in Hampshire, Blaenavon certainly make an impact. Their back catalogue, which includes the Koso EP and debut double A-side single ‘Into the Night / Denim Patches’ jumps rock barriers many fear to cross, and their new EP, Miss World is a step up in momentum for the band. The shattering opening chord of ‘Hell Is My Head’ accompanies a delightfully basic Nirvana-esque drum line, with a space-echo guitar that could melt anyone’s eardrums. “I’m cowering behind my disguise” is an insight into the cowardly mind of the song’s protagonist.

‘Destiny’s Mild’ rocks slow and hard, a track that teases effortlessly as the effervescent guitars ooze over a crooning vocal. ‘Dragon’ is ultimately the highlight. Its opening ninety seconds evoke The National’s fluid tendencies as it builds to a beautiful crescendo. And with that a quarter of an hour has flown by in blissful fashion. Can we assume a full-length is in the works? Let’s hope so, as it seems Blaenavon are destined for big things.

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