Review: Oh Sister – ‘Watch The Water’

By Esin Huseyin (@Esin_Huseyin)

Sarah Berresford, AKA Oh Sister, is back with Watch The Water, her latest EP. It’s a confident and focused effort. Stage fright has been conquered and her minimal, melancholy songwriting (taking cues from Bob Dylan) is able to shines through.

The thudding bass of ‘Only Nature’ paired with harmonious guitars and modest vocals create an uplifting and ambient track. Repetitive melodies take us on a journey, building to a twilight acoustic close. The lyrics “I can’t change him” are reflected in the cyclical melodies, unchanging throughout the track.

Lead single ‘For The Dales’ make a powerful impression with hooks and heavy drums. The smooth chorus is the strongest on the release, with an edgy dark-pop vibe providing a break from her lighter style. This is the exception, mind, as Sarah gets straight back to her familiar acoustic guitar and airy vocals with the track ‘Don’t Leave’. While the melodies feel uplifting the lyrics betray a hidden emotional depth, particularly the lament “don’t leave me” which resonates like a lovers’ plea. Sarah’s vocals are effortless in portraying the sadness of this song, while the dynamics of the track feel particularly hollow, adding a dimension to the loss.

‘Hot and Cold’ is full-bodied and soulful. Sarah’s vocals glide over the colourful Spanish melodies, building up to a clash of strings. The cello accompaniment to her sombre tones work particularly well as the song builds momentum.

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