Pics – World-class marine photographers come together to help save sharks

Some of the world’s best ocean and underwater photographers have come together to create the ultimate – SHARK calendar.

Amazing snaps of the predators appear alongside alongside other majestic ocean creatures like a sperm whale, green turtle, manta, octopus and polar bears.

The images, which creators say are worth a combined £36,000, are being published in a calendar to raise money for Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation.

With one in four shark species listed as threatened, the charity is working to make Britain the first western country to ban the sale of shark products.

Bite-Back campaign director Graham Buckingham, said: “These photographs are a glorious illustration of the hidden beauty beneath the waves.

“However, with so much pressure on the oceans from over-fishing, pollution and climate change, the images can also be seen as a catalogue of marine life under threat.”

Celebs like TV presenter Steve Backshall and chefs Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are also supporters of the charity.

Award-winning British photographer, Alex Mustard MBE said: “Even those of us who live miles from the ocean rely on it to live.

“At least 90% of rainwater, 50% of our oxygen and 20% of the world’s protein comes from the oceans. If the oceans aren’t functioning properly, how can we?”


The 2019 calendar can be purchased via the charity’s online shop at

By Joe Smith

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