New short film creates ingenious alternative history for Nelson’s Column

A new short film has been released by notorious Corbynista Angry Dan depicting an alternative history of one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

The artist, who designed the widely popular Jeremy Corbyn Superman t­shirt, has released “The Man Who Stood Still Forever” which tells the story of a mythical man’s epic delusions of grandeur.

The film is narrated by Sam Rix, an actor, writer, and storyteller who has worked extensively with BBC Radio, and is a founding member of The Embers Collective, a London­based storytelling troupe.

Dan recently attracted the attention of Graham Coxon and Boy George when they retweeted his haunting parody of Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World, which he recorded for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

His infamous political t­shirts, which hit the headlines with a Mail on Sunday undercover investigation into Momentum, were the first in a series of popular designs celebrating the Labour leader.

Speaking about the film’s release, he said: “It’s about a man who’s had a troubled life.

“He’s walked miles from home to get away from it all and ends up catatonic on top of a hill.

“Eventually, he invents a new existence for himself which, in a way, becomes true.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of false memories and how people choose to frame things, years after the fact, so they can more easily accept them.

“This has always been the case on a societal level with war, and is especially relevant in this post­truth era”

Watch the film in full below:


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