WATCH: Sneaks Release Dreamy Video for ‘With A Cherry On Top’

‘With a Cherry on Top’ is the first music video to surface from Sneaks’ new album It’s a Myth. It stars Sneaks mastermind Eva Moolchan as she alternates between sweet and sinister, writing in her diary and clutching a baseball bat. It’s squishy and weird and cool. Check it out below.

Director Alessandra Hoshor had this to say about the song and video:

“Sneaks’ ‘With a Cherry on Top’ is full of tension, a suspended moment between physical experience and a fantasy space. To reflect this, the mood of the video is surreal and playful, taking place in an imagined nighttime space. As Eva Moolchan sings, “I’ve locked myself in your bedroom,” floating and twisting glass vases, op-art pillows, and chrome cherries surreally float through the air. The video embodies moods of restlessness, excitement, frustration, and playfulness and captures Sneaks’ uniquely familiar, yet distant, presence.”

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