TLE MEETS – Meadowlark

Bristol duo Meadowlark are out on tour and about to roll through the capital! Since the release of Postcards back in June, Meadowlark have had a busy summer of UK festivals and are currently gliding across the UK on a gentle wave of melodic pop.

Dan and Kate took the time to say hello to TLE ahead of their show in London on Saturday (the Islington, be there). We talk their whirlwind of a debut, hair-raising live reception and the inspirational hotbed that is Doncaster.

How would you describe the experience of recording Postcards? Was it an enjoyable experience?
Dan: It was the first time either of us had ever recorded a full length album so we didn’t really know what to expect going into the experience. With EP’s and singles the whole recording process is so fast that you never really have time to question or doubt yourself but an album is totally different. You sit with the songs for a lot longer whilst they’re in a relatively vulnerable state which is both a blessing and a curse. Ultimately we had a blast recording Postcards, hauling ourselves up in an old converted chapel for a month with our good friend and producer JJ Mitchell, drinking unfathomable amounts of whiskey and wine and letting our creativity spill out of us until we had something we were all proud of.

Are there any tracks in particular that are going over well with the crowd?
Kate: ‘Headlights’ always seems to go down really well, it’s probably our most lively song. We have also been playing the acoustic version of our songs ‘Fly’ and seeing how loud we can get the audience to sing each night which often leaves hairs standing up on our arms.

What was your process when writing the album?
Dan: Writing the album was quite a lengthy experience, it’s basically an amalgamation of all the writing we did together over the first 3 years of being in a band. A big chunk of it was written at one time though, we found an amazing little cottage up in Doncaster that came with a grand piano that we would rent for 5 days at a time, locking ourselves away and intensely writing together.

When did the writing process begin?
Kate: After our second EP ‘DUAL’ was released we really started to knuckle down and begin writing for a full length but would often dip back to old ideas that had been floating around since we started the band.

How was it working with Spike Stent? Did he have an impact on the sound of the record?
Kate: Working with Spike was incredible. It was comforting to know how safe the songs were in his hands. He pretty much nailed every mix first time, the guy is a genius.

Besides records, what have been some of the key influences and themes on the new album?
Dan: This album has definitely centred itself around the theme of relationships. Kate and myself would often talk about our differing experiences of love and loss which would then ignite themes for the lyrical content of the songs.

Are there any tracks on the record you are particularly proud of?
Dan: ‘Postcards’ is one we are hugely proud, mainly because the version on the album is the original demo we recorded in the cottage that I mentioned previously. There was something so special about that demo that when we came to record it properly we couldn’t capture again. When we listen to that song it takes us right back to the night we wrote it.

How is life treating you on All Points?
Kate: You only have to look at declining record sales and visible struggles that artists have with record labels to know how hard the current music climate is. Therefore, we are very lucky to have a record label like All Points who have stood by us no matter what. They championed us from very early on and have continued to support us ever since.

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