Sorry release lo-fi ‘visual mixtape’ Home Demo/ns Vol II

Some off-the-wall budget weirdness from London, now.

Sorry today released their second visual mixtape Home Demo/ns Vol II, and it’s a trip. Expanding on the idea of Sorry as a collaborative, and strictly DIY affair, the band said: Asha said, “[We] have been making videos for fun for years and feel like the videos have built up our personality as a group. The themes just came together by things we had, found or cheap props we bought.”

“We try and just make scenarios around what we have and it’s fun to film your friends – they are strong characters in themselves to watch. Some of the clips we take have no purpose and were taken at random points but its cool to see something transform into something meaningful when added into the video. Hope y’all enjoy and see the small things too.”

The band will celebrate the launch of Home Demo/ns Vol II with a special sold-out show at London’s Whirled Cinema on 22 March, before joining Sunflower Bean on a run of dates throughout March and April. Sorry have also just announced their next hometown headline show at the Courtyard Theatre on 24 May – tickets will be on sale from this Friday (23 March) at 9am.



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