Scanners Matthew Mole Reveals New Album as ARVI

Matthew Mole of Scanners has a new album as ARVI and not only is it rather good, he’s also given TLE Music a sneak preview of ARVI’s debut album The Law – see below, as well as the first video to Anything You Want.

The album features many of the accomplished, lush melodies of Scanners’ dark transatlantic pop, but in more contemplative, acoustic compositions.

“This album is very different to Scanners in that the sound is much more acoustic,” Matthew told TLE Music. “It’s softer and less in your face! It was easier to make as I could just do whatever I wanted without have to negotiate between other band members – which was nice. I think it’s some kind of cathartic release mechanism from being in a band with your girlfriend (even though she’s on the record too).”

Original Scanners singer /guitarist Sarah Daly brings her ethereal vocals to a few of the catchy songs, lending ARVI’s debut a real beauty that grows with every listen.

But this haunting new album doesn’t mean it’s all over for The Scanners and Matthew revealed we can look forward to a follow up album to the critically acclaimed Love Is Symmetry for Scanners:

“Scanners are just finishing their fourth album which is a much more electronic affair. Provisionally titled ‘Little people’ it should hopefully be coming out on Dim Mak at the end of the year.”

Scanners have recently joined other figures from London’s music scene such as The Libertines, Mystery Jets, Django Django and Maccabees, in a recent exodus to Margate, Kent, where they will be joining an awesome line-up including The Kills, Carl Barat & The Jackals and Duke Spirit playing at Margate’s Dreamland for Margate Wonderland on Sunday 28th May.

Listen to the full album:

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