Reasons why Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is the worst song ever

By Alex Lodge @alexlodgemusic 

I could go on and on about racial stereotyping, drug references influencing children, overt sex references influencing children, the glorification of alcohol and guns, but I’m sure the outrage brigade will cover off all of these points soon enough. They don’t really bother me that much anyway as if they did I wouldn’t be able to listen to Mobb Deep ever again. What really bothers me about this heinous song / video combination is that it’s absolute dog shit on every conceivable level.

Obviously, the song draws its musical ideas from ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mixalot. The main sample and the bassline come from this tune as well as a secondary sample that Minaj sings herself. To my mind, successful sampling takes an element of a track and transplants it into a new context, making us reappraise the music’s potential and changing the way we think about the original track. What this does is make me 100% sure that if I ever hear Baby Got Back again then I won’t be able to control the impulse to immediately electrocute myself in the ear canals. So, first negative, she’s ruined a good song by shitting all over the most recognisable part of it, like taking Usain Bolt’s heart and transplanting it into Jimmy Saville’s rotting corpse.

The second thing I hate about it is that the lyrics sound like they’ve been written by a child who doesn’t really understand the concepts of money, sex or reasonable forms of adult human interaction, but has been kept in solitary confinement for weeks with only pictures of shoes, expensive cars and a massive stack of weird porn. Here is a sample of the lyrics to illustrate my point: “Yeah, he love this fat ass, yeah, this one is for my bitches with a fat ass in the fucking club, I said where my fat ass bitches in the club? Fucking the skinny bitches, fuck the skinny bitches in the club, I wanna see all the fat ass bitches in the motherfucking club, fuck you if you skinny bitches WHAT?”

The aforementioned child also wrote and directed the video by the way, which seems to be simply a vehicle for Nicki Minaj to prove her main lyrical contention, which is that she has an absolutely gigantic batty and it makes loads of men want to have sex with her. While it is of impressive size, I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind, or in fact anyone that has even the vaguest inkling that music is supposed to mean something and be an expression of one person’s creative impulse, would want to listen to a song about it.

On a serious note, the most damaging thing about this song is its message; that the only things important for a woman are being sexually desirable and using this to have sex with men so they’ll buy you things. Unfortunately this message is now so ingrained in popular culture that nobody even needs to worry about writing proper lyrics anymore. As long as it can be sold properly the content becomes irrelevant, and mostly centres around misogynistic portrayals of scantily clad women competing over how much money they have or how nice their tits and arses are. Most urban pop music like this – The Black Eyed Peas and their various contemporaries for example – is a predictable, depressing and crushingly boring slurry of the most vacuous, puerile nonsense one can imagine. The saddest thing of all is that this is what sells. She’ll make millions out of this single. I hope she uses it to buy a massive space hopper that bounces her so hard her tits fall off.

If you still want to watch it, here is the video in all its “glory”


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  1. Can’t decide if this is music masquerading as pornography, or vice versa. Ms Minaj seems to be bent on celebrating the size of her bottom, which is ultimately pretty dull.

    1. Al-Azeem

      I know that Nicki is bent. Not to mention that she made mature men look at her stuff. And by her stuff I mean her bottom. It looks so disgusting, I watched it at my birthday but i Rate it 0 outta 10. We all hate Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. She and her lame butt are Illuminati confirmed. Police should arrest her fot posting anaconda. We are clean but Nicki Minaj is dirty. Lets destroy her for good, shall we?

  2. emma

    no really im serious nicki minaj repurposing a song about the male view of sexual climate into a destigmatized anthem of championing your own sexuality is the biggest thing to happen in the world of music in this century. im not joking this is the best song made in like hundreds of years

    1. Levester

      Male Perspective- I felt it was too much. My kids will not watch this as I will guard them from this. Expression of sexuality should be done in a way that is not marketed in mainstream media to our children. Popular music is marketed towards the youth because thats where your true purchase fan base starts.

    2. Levester

      I tell you this, then lets get it out the way and be a city without walls by allowing porn to show during the saturday morning cartoon time slot. We have to stop reasoning with inappropriate media content. That goes for male and females. Where is the regression line? You can champion your sexuality with your spouse partner or however people do that behind closed doors. What if someone championed their sexuality in your front yard 11am in the morning? Lol. That made me laugh and maybe a little overboard, but really, think about how silly we sound making it ok to be even remotely supportive of this kind of visual content without thinking about our kids. There is a reason our parents guarded what we watched, listened too.

  3. Tamara

    The song is about sexual power. It’s also a bit of an ego thing. Men do it all the time.

    Nicki Minaj is very adamant about making her place in a male dominated hip hop movement. This isn’t the best way to do it but this is trying to make a point. Male rappers have dominated the genre and talked about women’s bodies and how much they want (giving men the power). Nicki’s comeback to that is essentially ‘I got it, I know you want it, and I can pretty much make you beg for it.’ (taking back that power).

    I agree that her lyrical style and lack of grammar is utterly annoying, and there are better (harder) ways of trying to flip the mindset but at least the mindset has been planted. It’s going to take a lot more female rappers in the next couple of years to really make some real change in the system.

    1. Levester

      Im sorry. Its never an excuse when you see the minaj influence on children to go on youtube and fb twerking. The labels take no accountability for this. kids see and think its cool. We have to be more concerned about our children and not ourselves.

  4. Evelyn

    My thing about this, everyone has so much negativity to say about Nicki Minaj songs, lyrics etc but however what y’all fail to mention is sex sells. Not only does sex sells y’all children is out here wilder then you wanna believe , having sex , using drugs, smoking weed so when someone put it into lyrics it’s a problem ? The lyrics that these artists comes up with is from reality , real life situations and experiences. When Nicki says something bout sex it’s a problem but when Beyonce sings bout sex it’s ok? People pick in choose who is bad to listen to and who is good to listen to which is bull crap to me. If parents have a problem with the way Nicki makes her music just don’t listen to her. However you should also consider not allowing them to listen to the radio because they play all the music you people consider inappropriate. The radio suppose to play the “radio(safe) music” but they becoming more in more harder to edit. Truth of the matter is if you allow your children to listen to Nicki , lil Wayne , Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Jay-z, Beyonce, Ciara and the list goes on in on the concept about most of there songs are about SEX and lyrics that doesn’t makes since. So it really doesn’t matter rather people like Nicki or listen to her music, everyone else will in she still going shine. In yes I am a Nicki Minaj fan since the beginning.

    1. Levester

      And they SHOULD have a negative response to her songs and anyone that create songs and videos like this, male or female. you have to understand that these days, labels dont need your permission to play this type of stuff on vh1 and bet. 106 and park is marketed towards kids! This video is absolutely an adult video! Who fights for our babies?! I will! Till I have no breath in my body. I work in the music industry where music is targeted at the “fan crowd” age. that is young and easily influenced group of people. You guys can stand by and just give a pass to videos like this, but Im tired of scrolling through facebook and seeing 5 year old girls dance just like minaj did. Im not angry with you or anyone on here, but I am troubled. Sex should be for the bed room. not for major marketed media targeted at the buyers which are normally children.

  5. Mark

    Sex has always been around.
    But, call it a sign of the times, pornification is the new normal.
    It is part of our mainstream culture and it is not going away.
    Thanks to the internet it is freely and widely available. There is no escaping it.

    But he, let’s be honest, this isn’t new. From the 1910’s on there was sex in
    music: blues and later rockabilly and RNR, with ‘ risque’ suggestive lyrics.
    And yes, women were objects of desire…
    When you heard that the ‘ train kept a running all night long ‘ or ‘ there will be good rockin’ tonight ‘, definitely the kids knew this was not just about holding hands. And obviously parents and critics were revulsed. Just like in 2014.

    And yes, those artists back then included women artist singing overtly about sex like Ma Rainey in the 20’s.
    So Minaj is bad taste? Sure. But her message isn’t new. It is just more in your face these days.

  6. Evelyn

    I’m not saying it’s ok for (5 year olds) to dance to Nicki Minaj. However that’s her parents fault to allow such a thing. You can not blame a artist that speaks to her age range when children listen to her music. I have twin girls in I’ll break there necks if they was to dance provocative to any music. I seen a group of kids last summer make up a dance. In trust me it wasn’t appropriate in guess what? Nicki wasn’t in the CD player . Sex talk been around for years so it doesn’t matter what music is out it’s ultimately is up to parents parenting skills. I teach my kids right from wrong in whether they see or listen to it they both know it’s a no go in all of it. I teach my kids not to be like fast little girls in that the music I listen to is for adults. My girls are very smart in well mannered , they don’t say “shut up” because I teach them it’s a bad word. My point is if us as parents teach our kids to not be pressured into the world if negativity we can only hope in pray for the best. Sad to say but sometimes children have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. We can’t say ” keep away from the stove, because it’ll burn you” , children still become curious in do it anyway. So me as a parent going teachy children the respectable way. In it doesn’t start with music

    1. Levester

      First off, I commend you for being a good parent. Second of all Evelyn, Its too late. Children all over youtube and facebook are twerking.
      Third, Im talking about the video that Minaj has out. Fourth, your giving a pass for open sexual expression and that where we differ. But we can raise awareness and make noise about what we feel is expectable. The media force feeds what they want you to except. Trust me. Please dont be a sheep to that.

      Remember, we have to fight for the kids that dont have good parents. Believe me, I am a foster parent, and there are alot of them out there.

    2. Levester

      I am apart of a new non profit Organization called PUREMusic Movement. So pardon my zeal in this area. I just believe there is better than that. I dont care how long sex has been promoted. Because of organizations like PUREMusic, there was atleast a positive voice for the parents that dont agree with the open sexually expressive videos played on television on shows meant for children/young teens to watch. I agree to disagree with you on this stance. But I beg you to think a little deeper about it. If its not ok for your girls to watch this, or dance like this, should it be ok that record labels are pushing this on our kids?

  7. j

    This is the sickest thing Iʻve ever seen in music. There is no evidence of talent, music, and or human self respect and dignity. Where is common decency?? Where are we heading as a society? This is absolutely beyond sick and those who enjoy this crap are also very, very sick!

  8. How can you not be appalled bu this song! It’s absolutely terribly made . everything about her is annoying!can’t even consider her a Mc.she is such a terrible artist I don’t know where to start.if she cares that much about her sex appeal, go do porno

  9. Jovan

    Look at all the people defending this video. They are saying that she is championing her sexuality, however she also demeans “skinny bitches” in the process. Effectively championing prejudice in the same right. Just because male rappers, do this doesn’t make it OK. No-one ever said that it is OK for a man to make an explicitly awful song such as this one. You decided that was OK. The fact is, all you who are defending this are probably just young children. If not, you have the intellectual reasoning skills of a child. There is no empowerment in this song. You want some real empowerment from a real artist? try some Portishead. You can empower without being so explicit. If you defend this song, you are simple and there is nothing that can sway you. Have fun going to clubs, getting drunk, and having some dude rub his junk on your backend. Your father will be proud (assuming you have a father, however, psychological trends indicate you either don’t or he is a piece of sh!t)

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