Radiophonic Workshop release new material on Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound

By Harry Bedford, Music editor @TLE_Entertain

Famed musical collective and electronic sound pioneers Radiophonic Workshop, best known for defining the use of sound effects and pioneering sound design across popular TV, film and music over the past 50 years, release new material through Society of Sound, an online music platform from British audio innovator and manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins.

Having come to recognition as the founding members of the BBC’s world famous electronic music department (BBC Radiophonic Workshop), the group have been lauded globally for delivering musically progressive and immersive appearances wherever they play. For the first time, the group’s unique form of electronica will be available in high-resolution 24-bit/48kHz studio quality download via Society of Sound – a music subscription download service that offers two hand-picked albums per month, delivered in partnership with Peter Gabriel’s Real World and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Society of Sound offered the perfect environment for Radiophonic Workshop to express itself. A model that facilitates the use of Real World Studios, Society of Sound allows artists the creative freedom to express themselves without the burden of the usual commercial pressures that accompany releases.

Dr Dick Mills of Radiophonic Workshop said: “We’ve been experimenting in the studio, mixing the old techniques with new ones, taking some of the methods we used when the Workshop began in 1956 and mixing them up with the very latest digital technologies. The Workshop took the approach that we didn’t know what wasn’t possible so we never really saw the boundaries in sound that others did. The producers would ask us to create a certain feel and we would imagine it – by whatever means we could. That has stayed the same and we welcome the freedom to be able to experiment in the studio in that way again.”

The album Radiophonic Workshop will be available on Society of Sound on Monday 15th December. Please visit:

To learn more about Society of Sound, visit

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  1. Ziw Zih

    What the hell is mark ayers doing in this article…never a part of the radiophonic workshop, just a part time archivist who has sat on all the RWS material for the whole time he has been responsible for it, making sure that the general public never got to hear any of it.

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