October? Who even remembers October? It’s deepest November right now! I know this. I am very late and very sorry, but the tenth and most indecisive month of the year still needs its due. On the plus side you’ve had an additional three weeks to form your own opinions on a bloody great month of music before I blew in with arms waving telling you what I think you should listen to.

That said…

October’s playlist is an autumnal assault of infectious pop, low key electronic and ragged indie. Gouge Away’s ‘Only Friend’ had to head up the list on the strength of that drum intro, and Robyn’s return has been (quite rightly) invading my social feeds as a record to dedicate some serious time to. Mr. Mitch has release some of the most melancholic, minimalist dance music this year, and TLE favourites We Are The City burst back onto the scene fully embracing their eschewed view on wonky pop. Good to have ’em back, I’m sure you’ll agree.

There! Hope you enjoy the playlist and see you in, like, a week and a bit for November!

Cover Image – Us – Empress Of

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