February was a bit hot wasn’t it? What’s going on there? This time last year we were in the grip of the Beast from the East, now I’m looking out the window considering cracking out an icy can of Lilt and slathering on some tanning oil.

February was equally eclectic with its new releases on the sonic front. This month’s playlist could comfortably be sorted into two moods of ‘Chill’ and ‘No Chill’, depending on the forecast. On the ‘Chill’ side is Tiny Ruins’ new one, which pours in your ear like dusk light, and Jessica Pratt’s four-chord daydream ‘This Time Around’. We close out with a sliver of Nivhek’s ethereal new record After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house. A mouthful of a title and a tough listen to steal a piece of. If you like what you hear give the whole thing a go end to end.

Then onto the matter of ‘No Chill’, where Ithaca set the world to rights with some truly nasty shred-and-squeal, Surfbort pedal some high-energy casual-love, and our favourite canucks Alexisonfire gear up for a new record and a big ol’ show at Ally Pally.


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