Tracks and Treats my Halloween fiends! A belated BOO to you. If you’ve taken off your suspiciously pongy latex costume, removed the dodgy face paint and tucked into your candy haul (besides the squashy eggs, of course) you’re probably ready for our BLOODY good October playlist.

Talking of dodgy latex, St. Vincent is back with MASSEDUCTION, and it’s all pink and sizzly-sounding and generally excellent, as you might expect at this point from the font of talent that is Annie Clark.

Hard Girls came out of nowhere to release one of our punk records of the year, Porches is creeping back onto the scene with the drum machines turned up, and A. Savage’s Thawing Dawn delights with its folky warmth and weirdness.

On top of all that, Jamie Lenman finally released Devolver, after teasing fans for months with banger after banger. The ex-Reuben head honcho doesn’t disappoint, with a poppier flavour and a sunnier outlook than 2013 bruiser Muscle Memory. Anticipate some AOTY noms for this one.

Cover Image – Fever Ray – Plunge 

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