Just as the sun’s rays dim with each passing day, the Winter Solstice pacing a grim march ever closer with each rotation of Earth on its frigid axis – November got DARK.

Look at this lot! The new Rolo Tomassi track – truly a beast of graveyard-slinking synths and Eva Spence’s inimitably howl. Converge are back with The Dusk In Us with all their metalcore muscle flayed away to reveal the noise rock sinew beneath. Even Sufjan has been Drawn to the Blood.

There are a few glimmers in the night, at least. Miguel is irrepressible, even in the shade of Trump’s pompous flop of straw hair on the politically-charged War & Leisure, and Baths’ Will Wiesenfeld just sounds like a genuinely lovely man (with a fondness for an ambient bleep). But come on boys, follow the beckoning frost-finger of Winter’s grasp, and take refuge and life-giving warmth in Bjork’s sick new wig!

Cover Image: Bjork – Utopia

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