Hero Fisher returns with ‘Lonely’ and announces a show at St Pancras Old Church

Singer-songwriter Hero Fisher is back with the new track ‘Lonely’.

The British-born, French-raised and London-based artist has collaborated with Alison Mosshart and Boy George in the past, with her 2015 debut album winning her fans in The Horrors and Blur.

Fisher’s new song ‘Lonely’ is a masterclass in reinvention.

Rich in ambience and with a slow crawling beat, her subtle and tender vocal performance evokes a deep sense of isolation amidst the cluttered mysteries of daily life.

Drums, pianos and synths all work in tandem brewing a restless sonic tempest as the song subtly crescendos to its cathartic conclusion.

In her words, “Lonely is about self delusion.

“We all wear blinkers to hard truths in one way or another.

“A common condition people have is loneliness or feeling secluded.

“I think it’s a sentiment a lot of people can relate to, if they don’t, then they may have mastered self delusion.”

A new show has been announced in London at St Pancras Old Church on March 15th to mark the release of the new track.


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