Grime4Corbyn boosted Labour’s vote in snap general election

A report has discovered that the Grime4Corbyn campaign led to an unexpected surge in the youth vote for the Labour party.

Over half of grime music fans voted for Labour, after Theresa May called the snap election. One in four voted labour simply due to the grassroots music campaign.

Stormzy was very vocal, and still is, in favour of the Labour leader. The MCs huge following obviously trust his political opinion and also backed Corbyn.

This was the first ever academic study in the grime scene, feared by many in the right-wing press as having a negative impact on youth culture.

However, they might be more worried about it’s political power as 58 per cent of fans of grime are labour voters, and the scene is growing all the time, just as Labour’s support grows.

The Momentum movement, set up to support Corbyn, now has 31,000 members. Catching up with the Conservative Party’s falling, and older, membership.

Others artists who backed Mr Corbyn during campaigning included AJ Tracey, Novelist and Akala via social media as they urged fans to vote Labour.

Corbyn repaid the favour to Stormzy last month as he handed him the artist of the year award at the GQ Awards.

The State of Play: Grime Music report, produced by Ticketmaster and Westminster University, asked 607 grime fans how they had voted in the election.

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