EP review: Coralcrown

Sitting through the trailers at the cinema yesterday I couldn’t help but think things have all started to get a bit complicated in the arts and entertainment biz.

Wes Anderson’s latest offering about canine pets that are exiled to a vast garbage-dump was the first to pique my curiosity, soon preceded by a bunch of old wrestlers that are trying to save their local pub and other such peculiarities. It’s almost as if Hollywood’s insistence to stick to the same blend of actors and directors is wearing thin, and like the proverbial Alan Partridge dictaphone pitch, it’s all becoming a little far-fetched.

Time to get back to basics, me thinks.

And so it was with welcoming arms and ears that I gave Coralcrown’s EP a first run-through this week.

Inspired by London’s vibrant and diverse musical nightlife, Luis Gotor is looking to re-establish himself on the music scene following a brief hiatus after his old band finished.

His latest EP features a return to the sort of melodic, easy-listening indie pop that we’ve all been waiting for.

Likened to Foals or Bombay Bicycle Club, the record is a must-listen for anyone in the market for canny pop hooks and catchy melodies.

Between The Lights, a song about a shy guy fighting his own insecurities to ask a girl to dance, is a brilliant reflection of modern dating and relationships, with the girl fighting her own securities too.

It’s a clever and poignant meditation on the prison of our internal complexes, made into something aesthetically sublime through Coralcrown’s tactful guitar work and his mastery of vocal layering and harmony.

Give them a listen below:




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