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David Cameron Raps for Votes

By Grant Bailey, Music Editor @TLE_entertain

As David Cameron tries to rebrand the Nasty Party as Party of Working People with a political manifesto harking back to Thatcher’s archetypal Right To Buy Scheme, visual artist and DJ Eclectic Method makes another satirical rap that hopefully will go more viral than the man tipped to win the next election. We asked Eclectic Method (aka London-born globe-trotting Jonny Wilson) WHY ?

TLE: Hi Eclectic Method, how are you?

EM: OK … considering i’ve watched over 20 hours of David Cameron to find all the words to make him say these things. he’s actually not that good an MC.

TLE:  What inspired you to make David Cameron rap today ?

EM: I’ve been experimenting with cutting up speeches and films and making new rhymes out of them, this was my experiment in taking it to the extreme.

TLE:  If the Tory leader isn’t re-elected in a few weeks’ time, would you consider hiring him as an MC ?

EM: No, he doesn’t have a big enough vocabulary.

TLE: Ha! What other politicians have you chopped up for your raps ?

EM: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, a Bush or two.

TLE: Do some come out sounding better than others ? (Musically- speaking, that is!)

EM: Obama speaks clearly with nice pauses for cutting.

TLE: And what did you learn from listening to 20 hours of David Cameron ?

EM:David wants to spend less and for everyone to work much harder. I haven’t been following fully because I don’t live in England any more but according to David everything has been going great and everyone is very very happy and proud.

TLE: We are! And what can we expect next from EM ?

EM: I got a few things I’m working on but probably a sci-fi something…

TLE: Thanks then

EM: You’re Welcome.

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