Alex Lodge: Weekly Report Vol. 45

By Alex Lodge (@alexlodgemusic | Insta @alexlodgemusic7)

Alex Lodge is a music supervisor for film, TV and advertising at Thirty Two. 

Happy Monday people. The England football team are back to bothering prostitutes in expensive night clubs in West London, Brexit is old news and every political leader in the country has decided that leading just isn’t for them. Combined, it’s the type of thing that could make you a little bit miserable. Not to worry though, Week 45 is here to caress your ears with its sweaty, drunken fingers. I love this opening track by Bastien Keb, chilled and cool. From there we pass through the nonsense of Leon Thomas, some old-school ninja cuts, sample magic from Den Sorte Skole, familiar weirdness from Dorothy Ashby bleeding into all sorts of other varied cuts from across the globe. Best to forget all of the terrible stuff that’s happening to you right now. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway….. Or is there? Happy listening comrades…

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