65DAYSOFSTATIC share ‘Z1’ track and tour dates

Ahead of their upcoming October and November tour dates, 65daysofstatic have shared the odd algorithmic results of a new musical technique: ‘Z1’.

Sound weird? it is. Check it out below:

To explain the strange tech which lies behind ‘ZI’s creation, 65days said:

“We’ve been busy trying to write music that isn’t also a song at the time. So – here is some brand new music from us. It is a live take of some machines we made to make music like we make, except in ways we might not have thought of ourselves.

“At this point there is probably hours of 65 audio that these machines have churned out. We’ve alienated ourselves from our own creative production. Full automation, a Fordist’s dream. And you all thought 65days weren’t commercially viable! Well, you were dead wrong.

“We’ve solved music now, so are currently looking into franchising options. Hit us up if you’d like to run your own 65daysofstatic branch locally. Also give us a shout if you’re a venture capitalist billionaire who still thinks technology will save us from Full Spectrum Doom, we will take your money and buy lots of drum machines.

“No. Look here instead. It’s a video of a new 65 song manifesting itself. Is it a true representation of the algorithmic process or a reverse-engineered illusion of the algorithmic process? Is the fact that we wonder about this difference a sign of the importance we attach to oblique creative processes as a valuable defence against the endless demand for content, or is it actually evidence of how capitalism has ruined our imagination to the extent that we can only perceive music in fixed commodifiable forms instead of endless streams of potential? Or is it the reason we don’t get invited to many parties any more?

“Just kidding we never really got invited to any parties.”

65daysofstatic are head out on a UK tour this November.

Nov 19th: The Contemporary, Nottingham, UK.
Nov 20th: Village Underground, London, UK.
Nov 21st: Band Studios, Bristol, UK.
Nov 22nd: CCA, Glasgow, UK.
Nov 23rd: Howard Assembly Room, Leeds, UK.
Nov 24th: Sage 2, Gateshead, UK.

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