London Comedians: The Edinburgh Survival Guide

Next month, swathes of London’s comedians will be making their annual pilgrimage across the border to Scotland, for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We spoke to some of our capital’s comedians about how they survive the yearly onslaught of hecklers, expensive accommodation and endless hangovers.Nish Kumar


Nish Kumar (Croydon)

Best place to catch comedy: Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. In the past even phone boxes were turned into ersatz comedy venues by enterprising promoters.

Best place to eat: David Bann is an incredible vegetarian restaurant. I’m not even vegetarian. It’s that good.

Best place to drink: The Brass Monkey – one of the all time great pubs. But if you don’t like ‘60s and ‘70s music, or the sight of me drinking my bodyweight in White Russians, I’d give it a wide berth.

Best hangover cure: The breakfast at the City Café. It’ll sort you out, even after a night on the White Russians. So much milk. So much pain.

Catch Nish’s show “Long Word… Long Word… Blah Blah Blah… I’m so Clever” at 7.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard, 5th-30th August. Tickets here.

Funmbi Omotayo

Funmbi Omotayo (Hackney)

Best place to catch comedy: There are comedy shows going on absolutely everywhere. I like the Pleasance Courtyard because it’s got good rooms, but some of the best venues are the ones that aren’t usually comedy rooms.

Best place to eat: I love the City Café – it does the best breakfast. Last year I had breakfast, lunch and dinner there – I was in there so much they became my friends.

Best place to drink: A lot of people hang out at The Loft, that seems to be the place to go.

Best hangover cure: Everyone knows the best hangover cure is a nasty chicken kebab and chips on the way home, or a deep-fried Mars Bar.

Catch Funmbi’s show “Legal Immigrant” at 9pm, the Gilded Balloon, 6th-30th August. Tickets here.

Sarah Callaghan

Sarah Callaghan (Uxbridge)

Best place to catch comedy: The Pleasance, obviously, to see my show! 5:50pm Bunker 1.

Best place to eat: ‘Best Kebab House’ on Leith Walk – great for first dates.

Best place to drink: Anywhere which isn’t full of comedians.

Best hangover cure: Avoid having one by just carrying on drinking. Failing that, a Berroca dissolved in Iron Bru will do the trick.

Catch Sarah’s show “Elephant” at 5.50pm, Pleasance Courtyard, 5th-30th August. Tickets here.

Dane Baptiste

Dane Baptiste (Lewisham)

Best place to eat: Conservation of funds is paramount. When I’m not boiling ramen with my own tears, you can find me racking up points in Nando’s or Subway. And Saigon Saigon if you want a Scottish Dim Sum.

Best place to drink: Again, anywhere reasonably priced.The Three Sisters is a good place to mix with comics and punters alike; but if you want to surround yourself exclusively with your comic brethren, The Loft bar or The Dome bar are good places.

Catch Dane’s show “Reasonable Doubts” at 7.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard, 5th-30th August. Tickets here.



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