Author predicts the coming of “One World Religion” imposed upon humanity by the UN

Controversial author Sam Jane Brown has predicted the coming of “One World Religion” that will be imposed upon humanity by the United Nations.

In her religious-themed mystery “Forgotten Word” the story alludes to a series of suspicious events that have taken place under the auspices of the UN in recent years — many of which strongly suggest that the global diplomatic body actually harbors sinister plans to eradicate traditional Christianity and replace it with a new, amoral faith based on the precepts of globalism and Islam.

“The disgrace of this relates to how this is all happening right in front of our faces but everyone who has any influence is totally silent,” Brown said. “We have UN meetings and international rules being issued that are clearly intended to wipe out Christian beliefs and replace them with socialist-inspired junk.

The book, “Forgotten Word,” explains the UN religious takeover through a mystery fiction account of detective Zena McGrath. The Dan Brown-esque tale sees McGrath, who works for an International Police Organization, investigating the murders of Catholic Priests, taking her on a tour of intrigue and fatal plotting at the Vatican and beyond. The book hits at the root of the UN’s role in remaking world religion in its own nihilistic image.

The threat of a UN world religion revolution has been a common theme on conspiracy websites and forums. As early as 2000, commentators were citing the UN’s Millennium Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders as a clear warning of the coming destruction of the church. More recently, a similar alarm has been cited by religious figures.

Lisa Haven, a Christian conspiracy theorist for instance warned on alternative news site Before It’s News, “the truth is the One World Religion has already kick started and the formation of the New World Order is now underway. We know the Bible tells us that a ‘false prophet’ will arise to deceive even the elect and that this ‘prophet’ will cause all to worship an image in the likeness of the Antichrist.”

To Haven and other conspiracy theorists, as suggested in Brown’s book, the “False Prophet” is the leadership of the UN which is set to unify religions.

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