If You Like Eighties Stuff, Watch Eclectic Method’s Kung Fury Remix:


Cultural curator, video remixer / audio-visual DJ Eclectic Method has revisited the Eighties and the sound of 80s synth lasers for this brilliant musical homage to time-travelling kung fu cop Kung Fury, the cult Swedish homage to everything that was on telly and silly in the Eighties.

Kung Fury (you can watch it below) is an English-language Swedish Kung Fu comedy action flick written, directed by, and starring David Sandberg, paying homage to 1980s martial arts and police action films with more visual gags packed into its joyous 31 minutes than your favourite 80s comedies.

In 2012, David Sandberg quit directing ads and music promos and wrote his zany script involving a maverick cop, laser raptors, vikings and Adolf Hitler. The film was produced in 2015 with $630,019 David Sandberg aka Laser Unicorns raised on Kickstarter.

The movie is well worth a watch for a sentimental return to all things 80s and some very silly jokes. It even had a cameo appearance from David Hasselhoff. With its ultra low budget, Sandberg shot most of it in his office, with a green screen, splicing together lots of takes to make it look like he was taking on whole Nazi armies in an epic kung fu battle. The 80s aesthetic was completed with a scratched VHS tape look to the whole project.

Digital artist and remixer Eclectic Method has made this stomping homage and pumping synth tune using a laser synth and original punches, kicks, kung fu and the hilariously corny dialogue from the movie. If you watched any telly in the 80s, and even if you didn’t, you’re going to love this (full zany gag-fest of a movie below):



And here below is the actual full movie in all its hilariously demented glory – still probably one of the best wastes of half an hour you can treat yourself to:




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