Liberty: A short play about one woman’s fight for civil liberties

A new short play has been released documenting the untold story of Kath Duncan – a woman who took on the power of king, parliament and the entire legal establishment to lay the groundwork for the National Council of Civil Liberties.

Ray Woolford’s Liberty tells Duncan’s story through play, newspaper cuttings and photographs, using actual text from politicians of the day to demonstrate the power held, influence gained and chaos created by Duncan.

Aptly named the Last Queen of Scotland, we learn of Duncan’s struggles with the system and her eventual demise from tuberculosis.

A poignant epilogue sees Kath step forward in the form of a ghost to sing the red flag – showing that although she may have been lost to history she still lives on in Liberty.

Writer Charlotte Hughes wrote of the play: “I must confess that until reading Ray’s book I had never heard of Kath Duncan. Upon reading I was enthralled and captivated by her story and her determination.

“Ray writes with great compassion and accuracy, and the comparisons between Kaths experiences, and my experience whilst campaigning today are unparalleled, it appears that attitudes haven’t really really changed over the course of time.

“Ray has transformed Kaths life story into a compelling and essential read, bringing to to life a truly inspirational and heroic woman into the spotlight where her life should be.

“This is a must read for any person with an interest in history, politics, campaigning, social history and I thoroughly recommend it.”

Liberty is available to buy from Amazon here.


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