By Julia Prigmore (@JuliaPrigmore)

Kent trio Fish Tank’s new EP Jane brings to the table yet more of their enigmatic math pop. This is no bad thing, as their previous releases have carried more than enough clout to get the band places. First-offering Henry was even deemed impressive enough to net them a coveted slot at Reading and Leeds Festival 2012. Back then they may have been small fish in a big Fish Tank, but the ensuing years have seen their sound mature, with their brand of noise likened to the intricate, expansive rock of Biffy Clyro.

Jane kicks off with the energetic and rocky ‘Barbarella’, comprised of heavy indie vibes throughout, chased by the anthemic ‘Lily’, demonstrating the band’s intense but infectious sound. If these tracks have the expansive rock angle covered, ‘The Phantom’ provides a showcase for some flawless and intricate guitar work, while EP-closer ‘The Wizard’ is an inventive listen that acts as the perfect post-rockout cool-down.

Jane is out now.

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