In Pictures…Mad Mods and a Camera

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Duncan James, an art director at a London based advertising agency, is spending a year capturing the lives of Mods and Mod culture. A project he has called “Mad Mods and a Camera.”

He says: “It all started on Remembrance Sunday when I drove by a café and saw about eight or nine mods standing outside.

Image v1

“I thought I have to go back and take some pictures of them. I have always loved Mod culture and their way of life. So I got my camera and parked up next to them.

“They were getting ready to go, and I thought they might tell me to jog on, but they were more than happy to for me to take a few shots. They told me they were the Mad Mods and Englishmen Scooter Club based in Enfield (North London).

Image v2

“When I got home I posted a few of the images on their Facebook page and the response was really positive.

“They invited me to one of their regular meetings, and I found out about all the charity work they do at Christmas surprising the kids in the local children’s hospital with presents; I was really impressed.

Image v4

“I asked them if I could document them for a year, and they agreed. On the back of that I have met The Foresters Scooter Club and hoping to meet a lot more as word of the project spreads.

“I want to capture the essence of them, their lives and the true feel of Mod culture through my images.

Image v5

“I went to their first big Ride Out of the year on Sunday 13th March from the London Eye to Hoxton Square.

“I got great feedback from the images and loads of requests from people to send my prints to them.

Image v6

“I’m planning to hold an exhibition at the end of my year following them around. It would be great to have Mods from all over the country doing a Ride Out to come and see the images of themselves and their culture.

Image v7

“I want to then auction off the prints and give the proceeds to their charitable work. The next event is bank holiday Monday in Southend and I can’t wait. They are a great bunch and I’m looking forward the coming year.”

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