How To Enjoy An Affordable Day At The Races

We all love a day at the races, from betting on our favourite horse, to cheering them on through the finish. Regardless whether we are horse fanatics or not, we still find the whole day exhilarating and a very enjoyable sociable occasion. To make your day at the races even more pleasurable, we are going to give you some top tips to make your horse racing experience affordable at the same time as being fun, without the need to apply for payday loans online, which are designed for financial emergencies!

Bet On An Outsider

When you are standing in front of the bookmakers and the odds are going up and down, you may opt for choosing the favourite because it seems more likely to win you money. However, the money that you will win back from betting on the favourite will really not be as substantial as if you were to bet on an outsider, such as an apprentice.

Some apprentice jockeys, including the likes of Callum Rodriguez, Oliver Stammers and Nicola Currie, have shown real potential on the track and have caught the eye of many spectators and bookmakers. So, although the majority of the time they may be outsiders in races that are not predominately apprentices, they still have a very high chance of winning, which would benefit your wallet immensely.

Therefore, by betting on apprentices and outsiders in a race, you will win more, due to the odds not being as good as the favourite. Just think, you could win on a horse at 100/1 – this has been recently done!

Look At The Form

Although you could have an enjoyable day at the races without putting any bets on, if you look at the form of the horse and check them out whilst they are being lead around the parade ring, you could make a very educational bet.

When you look at the form of a racehorse on a race card, it will show you their recent performance and where they placed. What’s more, there will be a little blurb predicting how they will take to the going (ground conditions).

Once the horse is being lead around the parade ring, instead of placing your bet on the horse with the jockey who has the prettiest silks, look at the horses and take their height, condition, characteristics, and for those of you who are from the equine world, their conformation into consideration also.

By doing this, you are more likely to be placing a sensible bet, instead of letting fate decide the winner, by choosing the horse that looks ‘pretty’.

Take A Picnic

Why not take a picnic with you, with strawberries, champagne, sandwiches and treats to eat whilst watching your horse win, or before you watch any racing. The food at the races can come at quite a price, not to mention the alcohol, so save yourself some money and buy your picnic from a supermarket before you go.

Don’t Go During A Festival

In order to keep your day at the races affordable, we suggest that you don’t go during a festival, such as the Cheltenham Cup, or Glorious Goodwood, as the prices for even the premier enclosure will come at quite a cost. What’s more, you will have to dress up, and you may not be looking to spend money on a new outfit.

Alternatively, instead of going to a racecourse, such as Newmarket or Wolverhampton, you could spend your day at a local point to point and enjoy the national hunt season. Entry will come at a much lower price, and you won’t have to dress up. Hopefully, these top tips have given you some ideas to make your day at the races both enjoyable and affordable! Remember to bet responsibly.

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