Going underground: Secret street art

Street art? Secret location? Free booze?! If any of these pique your interest (and frankly, we don’t know many that can resist the latter) then you are in luck, friends.

This evening (Thursday 2 July) the team behind GraffitiStreet.com bring us their new show, ‘Underground’. The online street art gallery, founded in 2013, is on a mission to urbanise our lives, and switch more people on to the world of street art.

Bordalo Trash AnimalUnderground promises to be a night of fun: complimentary drinks, beats, live spray-painting, and the chance to meet world-class artists in person, as well as seeing their work up close and personal.

The artist line-up is an impressive, not to mention international, one: Pichi&Avo (ES), L7m (BR), Bordalo II(PT), Hunto (IT), Pahnl (UK), Bisser (BE), My dog sighs (UK), JPS (UK), Art is tra$h (ES), Nils Westergard (US), Joachim (BE) and 3F (UK).


The best part? It’s totally free! And you could definitely do with a cool beer after the face-melting few days we’ve had here in the city.

Now for the “secret location” bit. We can tell you it’s at an underground location in Shoreditch. We can’t tell you anything else. To find out head to the website to book your spot.

See you there.

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