Game of Thrones nut transforms his toilet into an Iron Throne

A former squaddie has cemented himself as the world’s number two Game of Thrones fan – by transforming his TOILET into an Iron Throne.

Chris Fleet, a former sniper, remodelled his bog to look like the iconic Iron Throne from the series, which relaunched for its seventh series on Monday.

The toilet is decorated with massive black swords – just like the real thing from the smash hit HBO show.

And it’s also fully functional, as demonstrated when Chris took a leak dressed in a thick, John Snow-style fur robe.

The smash-hit TV show returned to screens on Monday, 13 months after the sixth season’s finale.

It chronicles the trials of several factions and would-be leaders battling to gain control of the Iron Throne.

Chris decked out his toilet with an all-black bowl and seat to match the swords which he’s crammed around the edge.

It’s so big it barely fits into the small bathroom, which has also been decorated with candles and a lantern to match the Game of Thrones theme.


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