Finding Unexpected Fun in London

What comes to mind when considering a trip to London? Red phone boxes. Tea. The Queen. Rain. Awkwardly angled selfies in front of Big Ben. All of these may well be true, but London is so much more than its endearing clichés. As one of the most visited cities on the planet, the endlessly enticing attraction of London is certainly no secret. The city is brimming with historic tourist attractions and museums, world-renowned bars and restaurants, as well as parks, sporting venues, and concert halls. London is also a hub of creativity and innovation, with a somewhat rebellious spirit. So if you’re looking for some slightly more unusual, off-the-beaten-track activities for your trip, London will embrace you with open arms and show you the way. To point you in the right direction, we’ve compiled our top four unexpectedly fun things you can do on your trip to The Big Smoke:

1) Start your day off right with a four hour rise-and-shine morning dance party at Morning Gloryville. Prepare to unleash your inner hippy, as the ethos of GloryVille is all about harmony, love, and inspiration. It’s not just four hours of dancing – there’s also yoga, massages, organic coffee and wacky costumes galore. Think music festival meets fitness – with a generous sprinkling of glitter and jazz hands – and you’re nearly there. We challenge you not to smile your way throughout this entire euphoric adventure. Peace.

2) While crazy golf might remind you of your childhood holidays at caravan parks, the team over at Junkyard Golfclub are making the kid sport cool again. Its crazy golf as you know it, but with much more alcohol and wacky obstacles. You can select from a variety of different courses, but basically you should expect a lot of UV lighting, slightly creepy mirrors, and bars half way through your game. The fun part is trying to beat your opponents after some tequila. Tree House Bar – One, Hand-eye Co-ordination, Zero.

3) Bingo – Britain’s national pastime – has had somewhat of a renaissance recently. Previously thought of as a game for the 65+ club, bingo has now been claimed by the young and given an additional injection of fun, revamping it for the 21st century. It’s estimated now that nearly half of all bingo players are below 45, and not even 7 percent are above 65. Bingo has been much loved by Brits for years, due to the innate social nature of the game, as well as the obvious appeal of being able to win money or prizes while you’re at it. The birth of online gaming has certainly opened out the scope and audience of the much-loved game. On your visit to London, we recommend the insanely popular Rebel Bingo, which is bingo as you know it, but with the electric atmosphere of a nightclub and just a hint of burlesque. Don’t be fooled by the frivolity, though; there’s some serious players in the midst. To get you up to speed before your visit, we recommend that you practice first online. Wink Bingo – first launched in 2008 – is one of the most popular online bingo sites around.  The site is easy to navigate and you can select different games and prize levels depending on how confident you’re feeling! You won’t regret your online warm up rounds when you’re surrounded by the buzz and excitement of the live bingo hall.

4) Everyone knows that singing is good for the soul. What can be better than singing along with aplomb to your favourite musical, dressed up as your favourite character, and surrounded by equally fanatic individuals? Whether you’re into Grease, Sound of Music, or Frozen, Sing-A-Long Cinema have got it covered. There’s something both cathartic and nostalgic about the whole experience, and you’ll leave feeling warm and fuzzy (and possibly with a slightly sore throat).

So there you have it – our top pick of fun things to do during your stay in London.  Of course, London is a Pandora’s box of a city, with jewels and delights to be discovered everywhere. It is a city steeped in history, beautifully combined with a vivacious energy very much looking to the future.  Don’t take our word for it – join the millions of people who visit London each year and discover its magic for yourself.

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