Eclectic Method Remixes Back To The Future Trilogy for Back To The Future Day

By Ben Gelblum (@BenGelblum)

“Great Scott! If my calculations are correct, it is now precisely October 21, 2015. The future has finally arrived.

Yes, it is different than we all thought, but don’t worry – it just means your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has.

Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.”

– Doc, Back To The Future.

So maybe flying cars are yet to make it off the ground, and hover boards would likely be banned on health and safety grounds like this year’s ridic chav chariot Swegways. And we can only dream of instant pizzas.

But October 21, 2015 is upon us. And from tomorrow Marty McFly will be visiting our past.

So to celebrate Back To The Future Day, audio visual time travelling futurist remixer and DJ Eclectic Method has remixed the Back To The Future franchise into this fun video:

The British digital artist, now based in Barcelona, told The London Economic that we can expect a load more cinematic remixes from him, as well as some London club dates soon.

If you are in Paris tonight, you can catch Eclectic Method at Le Grand Rex, remixing scenes from the film live at a techno Hill Valley Party following a screening of Robert Zebeckis’ classic.

Happy #BackToTheFutureDay !!!

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