Daily Mail readers react to first female Dr Who

There’s a riddle I like to use to expose everyday sexism in modern society. It goes something like this:

A father and his son are in a car crash. The father dies on impact but the son gets rushed to hospital. The doctor comes in but says, “I can’t operate on this child, it’s my son”. Who is the doctor? 

It’s remarkable how long it takes people to figure it out (it’s his mother, silly).

But perhaps such warped views on gender roles aren’t too misplaced. At least, that’s the impression you get from reading Daily Mail reader’s reactions to the announcement that Jodie Whittaker is to star as the first female Doctor.

The paper ran nudes of Whittaker today in a sign that it has decided to do some time travel in its own inimitable style.

And it’s readers seem to be portraying some rather old fashion views of the decision themselves.

A selection of comments sheds a rather enlightening view of their avid followers:

  • What’s Next from the BBC PC Brigade ? Perhaps Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Father Christmas, Jesus !!!
  • Men (of a pale hue) are the n…..s of the world
  • Doctor Who should never be a woman. It’s not sexist but a fact.
  • Terrible thing ever. What will come next. Mother Christmas Worship the Goddess Snow ladies Where will it end – get rid of all men ?
  • Will she cry for one whole episode a month whilst eating chocolates watching Loose Women?

Noticing the trend Comedy writer Aaron Gillies decided to take Daily Mail comments from people angry about a possible Female Dr Who and turned them into episode titles for the new series.

Some of these are absolutely hilarious:

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