CuckooLander Releases Video For ‘Mother Nature’

The video for ‘Mother Nature’ has left an aftermath, and their names are Mingey and Party Boy.

The two snails, stars of CuckooLander’s latest video, have since been adopted by the singer and are living the life in a snail-ised castle estate.

Watch Mingey and Party Boy in action below, not entirely out-shining CuckooLander’s dangerously catchy pop jams.

“With the video we wanted to bring back elements of educational videos you would watch at school mixed with retro TV shows like Art Attack, Blue Peter, The Really Wild Show and Newsround,” says CuckooLander. “We mixed some 80’s analog documentary footage with our own footage just becauseIi wanted to go on a woodland hunt to find things like odd pieces of wood, colourful eggs and skulls. My pet snails Party Boy and Mingey also take starring roles in the video and totally outshine me.”

CuckooLander is playing a show at the Lexington tonight. Apologies for the short notice but you can probably still get yourself in there if you’re quick. Should be cool.

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