Common Festival Problems

Starting your own festival can be a daunting task for anybody whether they’re new to the game or you’ve already gone through a couple yourself.

Everybody wants a hugely successful festival and getting to that point takes a lot of work and mostly, lots of planning. Planning for every eventuality takes a long time but it’s vastly worth it to avoid any problems that could occur. If you don’t get ontop of them straight away then your festival can fall apart rather quickly.

That’s where expert planning comes into play, SRP Hire Solutions bring you some common festival problems that occur and some ways you can plan for them before they prop up.

Too Big Too Early

A very common problem can be that first time festival planners have a grand idea in their head and focus too much on attaining that from the get go. Having huge structures built to accommodate a range of activities spread across many fields can be sometimes too much for first timer event planners, so it’s best to start small and build from there.

Having this as the first barrier to your festival slows down the fleshing out of the rest of your event, leaving noticeable holes in activities for your festival goers. It’s important to flesh out the festival to keep as many people there as possible.

Don’t forget about clean up too, having these huge ideas is great if it works out. But once it’s all over you have to clean it all up, and taking down these structures can be heavy, hard work.

Stick to the tents and easily manageable setups first, then grow from there each successful festival, don’t stretch yourself too thin.

The Weather

Never trust the weather, it’s not your friend and it won’t help you out in the slightest, even if the weather is project to be shining throughout the festival.

You should plan for the eventuality that the weather will turn on you, that a freak storm will appear out of nowhere and rain down on your festival goers. Plan for problems like, tents getting blown away, or severe flooding of peoples sleeping tents. Not everything can be avoided but try to have something on hand to alleviate the situation such as replacement tents on hand.

Location can have a big affect on this too, placing your festival at the bottom of a valley for instance isn’t great when there’s potential rain. Fighting against the elements can be very difficult sometimes, but with extra planning you can help yourself immensely.

Toilet Worries

Something you most likely see every time a big event comes around and one of the most feared problems you’d likely expect if you’re a visitor of festivals. Nobody likes long queues for poorly maintained toilets that just put a dampener on the event.

Make sure to hire ample toilets to avoid encountering this problem, along with having people on hand to keep them well maintained. This won’t keep you immune from any problems arising but as long as you have the plan in place, you can react quickly to it.

Seek Assistance

Especially important on your first festival event but commonly used with well established festivals, seeking assistance by hiring an event management service. If you feel out of your element or you’re not too knowledgeable on a certain part of event planning then it’s a great asset to have an experience team there with you, to help you plan your entire festival.

Helping you to react to any problem, these event management companies will carefully plan each detail of your event to ensure you’re fully prepared for the difficulty of running a fully fledged festival.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, once your first festival runs fantastically you can start planning your next with everything you’ve learnt from your experiences.

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