Comedy review – Billy Stephens “Rabbit Hole”

It’s no secret that stand-up comedy is a tough gig. Knock backs, knock downs, it’s the epitome of the school of hard knocks. It takes years of working the competition circuit, honing your skills and developing your material, all the while hoping that one day you might get the break you deserve.

And Billy Stephens has paid his dues. Having followed Stephens’ burgeoning comedy career for the past few years, TLE was delighted to hear that he has secured a place to perform his show ‘Rabbit Hole’ at the Edinburgh Free Fringe with PBH this August. We went along to his preview show at the Rose & Crown in Kentish Town to see what Edinburgh has to look forward to.

From the outset, Stephens takes you on a journey down the rabbit hole of his often dark mind. Weaving his blackly-comic tale in his distinctive self-deprecating style, he explores topics as heavy as racism, mental health and promiscuity and yet manages to bring the crowd to tears of laughter thanks to his relaxed delivery and comfortable interaction with his audience. This is clearly where the years of experience pay off.

Stephens has developed a hilariously funny show with a serious message. If you manage to get to his Fringe show, be prepared that it might just knock your socks off.

You can catch Stephens’ free show ‘Rabbit Hole’ nightly from 4-19 August at Three Broomsticks (venue 398) – Room 6, 51 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1LL.

Doors open at 7.55pm.

For more information download the PBH free fringe app from the App Store or Play store.



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