Celeb blogs: Jeremy Vine attempts to kick his late night chocolate habit

It is said we all have our weak points.  And for BBC Broadcaster Jeremy Vine, that weak point appears to be the call of Lindt chocolates late at night.

In an amusing video entitled ‘The Late Night Chocolate’ published on his official website http://jeremyvine.tv, the Radio 2 presenter and Strictly star admits ‘I’m trying to be more healthy and I’m moving around now with Strictly. I’m thinking about my health and I’m eating well all day. A friend said to me when you reach 50, you reach a turning point. You either look after yourself or you don’t. I don’t go near the Radio 2 machine that sells the Mars Bars, I eat healthily all day, salad for lunch. The problem I have is the Late Night Chocolate.’

Flashing up a picture of a box of Lindt chocolates – that appears to be empty – along with a sound effect that wouldn’t be out of place in a slasher movie, Vine confesses: ‘I went to the box and took four.’

Jeremy Vine however has no solution as to how to resist the late night chocolate, instead calling to his fans for advice on how break the habit.

In the comments below his blog post on the subject, one fan calls him ‘amateur’ for only having four chocolates and not the entire box, while another shares that they hide chocolate under their bed to eat during the night should the cravings get the better of them. A third fan – perhaps more helpfully – suggests a single piece of dark chocolate during the day will keep his sugar cravings at bay.

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