As you do! Hiker walks three peak challenge with 30kg fridge on back

A hiker decided to do the three peak challenge, a gruelling 50 miles across rough terrain and as you can imagine, three tall peaks. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, but this guy did it with a fridge full of beer on his back.

Matthew Bamber, 42 somehow got through the mission in under twenty four hours, which is unbelievable.

The fridge, a Hotpoint for all you refrigerator fanatics out there, weighed a colossal 30kg, and was strapped to Bamber’s back.

When he completed his task, he reached into his fridge and had a beer, so it did have its uses.


Matthew took on the Three Peak Challenge, which involves climbing Cumbria’s three highest mountains in under 24 hours, to raise vital funds for the Help for Heroes charity.

He was inspired by the wounded servicemen who competed in this year’s Invictus Games as part of their road to recovery.

Matthew, from Milton Keynes, Bucks., said: ”Usually, I am just your ordinary man in a suit behind a desk but I just decided I had to do something for those guys.


“I chose to carry a fridge because it weighs about the same as the pack that Royal Marines hiked with in the Falklands.

”I play football, use the gym, do CrossFit, and kick boxing, and also trained with the fridge around Milton Keynes where I live – but there weren’t any mountains there!”

Mark Airey, Recreational & Adventure Training Co-ordinator at Help for Heroes was so impressed by Matt’s mad-cap plan, that he offered to lead the walk – and take some more veterans to join in.


Mark said: “Without supporters like Matt, we couldn’t continue to help wounded, injured and sick veterans and Service personnel.

“It was only fair that we helped him get to the finish line.

Matthew has so far raised almost £6,000 for Help for Heroes.

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