See London’s famous landmarks in a totally new perspective

Travel company Expedia have partnered with eight of the UK’s most promising young photographers to capture a ‘better perspective’ of London’s most commonly photographed landmarks. The project aims to offer an alternative view of the sites most commonly filling our Instagram feeds, Snapchat stories and Twitter galleries. To see more from the project, click here.

Lamarr Golding – Tower Bridge

I’m an urban explorer and free-runner, so I see London as a playground. Most people just see skyscrapers and buildings, but I see lines, shapes, details and leverages for an amazing, high view of the city.

Tatenda Nyamande – Tate Modern

I experienced the death of my father in my late teens – photography was a way to grieve and express my emotions creatively. I bought my first camera because I wanted to document the unveiling of his tombstone, a traditional cultural practice that occurs in Zimbabwe. This was my birth, as a creative and a photographer.

I take pictures because I value moments and memories in time.

Genea Bailey and Daisy Ware-Jarrett – Millennium Bridge

We’re both 24-year-olds who met whilst studying photography at Coventry University, and now live and work in London.

Shortly after meeting, we founded #PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine, which publishes creative work from photographers across the world and is now recognised by millions worldwide.

London is the perfect city for photographers. Even whilst shooting this series, we came across a handful of painters, photographers and street performers; all using the river banks of the Thames as inspiration for their art.

Chloe Newman – London Eye

I’m mainly a fashion, music and still life photographer. I studied photography at LCC, University of the Arts London, and graduated two years ago.

I’ve always been a visually creative person – I think what drew me to photography was the freedom of expressing what you see, or want people to see. I love how you can photograph anything and if it doesn’t exist you can create it and photograph it into existence.

London has contributed so much to my photography, especially the youth culture – the music/fashion is so original here. I’m proud to have lived in South London all my life, but London is so big – and always changing – that I’m still finding new places I haven’t been to.

I like to be experimental and fearless about trying different things with my photography, so my vision can be quite dualistic. I like things that clash.

Juliette Carton – The Shard

I took up photography at my local youth club when I was 14, and I went on to study at London College of Communication. My love of music grew with my photography. Now, I’m lucky enough to put the two together, shooting live music and promotional content most weeks. Through my pictures, I just want people to experience things that real life may not give them – a chance to see things differently.

Ben Shmulevitch – Buckingham Palace

I’ve been taking photographs since my early teens and recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. Much of what I do is editorial and travel photography, and I’ve been lucky to travel to some amazing cities around the world. What makes London different is that it is more like a bunch cities glued together than one big city. The change in atmosphere, architecture and people from borough to borough is remarkable; London’s diversity of character is its greatest asset.

Nicholas Constant – Big Ben

When I was 16, I decided to leave school to pursue photography, and I’m currently studying at the Royal College of Art. From my graduate work, I managed to have my work published in Source magazine, as part of its graduate competition. I also had my work shown at Brighton’s Cream 15 exhibition and most recently won the Magnum Graduate Photographers Award 2016, which entailed me showing and talking through my work at Photo London this year.

Jolade Olusanya – St Paul’s Cathedral

I started out as a filmmaker and, two years ago, I started experimenting with photography, just shooting blindly and testing out techniques. I’m a fly-on-the-wall type of photographer. I try to capture the world without pose or interruption. London inspired my start in photography and is responsible everything that’s happened to me creatively. I’ve been featured on VSCO, WeTransfer and Saint Heron.

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