Interactive film launched to reduce threat of far-right radicalisation

A new interactive film has been launched to counter the growing threat of far-right radicalisation.

‘Choices’ is a first-of-its-kind UK film which sets out to highlight the dishonesty of far-right organisations and encourage people to think critically about what they’re being told online and in social situations.

Inspired by real life events, the film encourages the viewer to make decisions in real-time in an interactive journey into the world of the far-right. The plot runs on two parallel lines as the viewer, faced with stark choices at key moments, determines the evolving narrative.

An integral part of the overall story is the role of social media and relationships in influencing others towards extremism.

Commenting on the film, Nigel Bromage, an Open Your Eyes to Hate contributor, and former far-right activist said: “Having experienced life in the far-right first hand I believe the ‘Choices’ film highlights the hypocrisy and dishonesty that underpins the far-right. It’s an amazing interactive demonstration of the sophisticated and manipulative online methods they use to prey on vulnerable individuals.

 “It’s very easy to fall for convincing arguments, and given the prevalence of fake news for example, we need to encourage people to think critically online.  This video demonstrates that engaging with the far-right or any form of extremism will not resolve their grievances.”

To view the Choices film, please visit:

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