Alex Lodge: Weekly Report Vol. 49

By Alex Lodge (@alexlodgemusic | Insta @alexlodgemusic7)

Alex Lodge is a music supervisor for film, TV and advertising at Thirty Two. 

Fatherhood has got me behind on my lists in the last few weeks, so to make up for it here is an extra long one. We’re straight in with weirdness from Chancha Via Circuito and then onto a wicked version of California Dreamin’ from Eddie Hazel. From there we hit the first of our Brazilian tracks (I’m clearly having olympics withdrawals) before landing on an absolute monster from the new Gonjasufi album. Get it if you haven’t heard it, it’s a tough listen in the best possible way. We them move through all sorts of strange jazz, funk, psych, alt-pop and out-there electronics, so hold tight until the end. Happy listening…

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