Callum Towler

Callum Towler

Callum is a freelance journalist who writes about politics and social issues for national newspapers.

He specialised in Political and Cultural Geography at the University of Nottingham.

Currently he is making a short documentary on homeless life in London and running a weekly current affairs podcast.

Isis will be Toasting to the Rise of Far-right Populism

It makes me feel a bit sick thinking about the celebratory mood in Isis bunkers right now; them flipping open their laptops and delighting as schisms escalate, and Western democracy turns in on itself. Watching on with glee as Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, spews xenophobia from a podium, while...

5 Reasons not to Bomb Syria

1. Air strikes achieve nothing without sufficient ground support Everyone agrees Isis must be destroyed and driven out of their strongholds. But air strikes in isolation will never achieve this. Military experts are certain that coordinated ground support is needed to recapture cities like Raqqa. Cameron knows this; which is why his...

The Left has Plenty of New Ideas on the Economy

On the economy, it’s clear why the right claim the left have run out of ideas. Under Miliband, Labour were more like a lost battalion playing catch up than real opposition, unanimous in support for austerity (although of the lighter variety) and feeble in refuting the ludicrous assertion that Brown’s...