Day: April 15, 2019

Cash is officially “on its way out”, according to Brits

These are the top 40 slang words for ‘money’

‘Bacon, ‘cheddar’ and ‘bread’ have emerged among the top 40 slang words Brits use for money.  Phrases such as ‘dosh’, ‘notes’ ‘bob’ and ‘dough’ are also more common place now as is ‘spondulix’, ‘reddies’ and ‘buckaroos’. Others admitted they refer to their hard-earned cash as ‘loot’, while ‘lolly’, ‘bucks’, ‘Arthur ...

The Baptist Grill L'Oscar

Restaurant Review: The Baptist Grill at L’Oscar

Following an extensive, six-year refurbishment, L’Oscar opened last year, taking over the former Baptist Church Headquarters. Built in 1903, the Grade II-listed venue closed its doors to parishioners during the 1960s after its congregation dwindled. The building has since been returned to its former glory, however, re-opened as a boutique ...