Day: March 25, 2019

Shola Naan Khatai | Photo: Jade Nina Sarkhel

How To Make: Naan Khatai (Nankhatai)

“At Shola our aim is to take you back to an era of simple, clean cooking, the way it has been done in our family kitchens for decades,” explains Aida Khan, speaking on the launch of her first restaurant. Joining the likes of Waka and The Athenian at White City ...

✈ Trends 2019: the new ways to travel the world

✈ Trends 2019: the new ways to travel the world

The habits and preferences of world travelers have evolved enormously over recent years. Luxury travel in particular has opened the door to the most remarkable opportunities to see the world in new and interesting ways.  Going into 2019, it’s interesting to see how luxury global travelers are setting their sights ...


Restaurant Review: Angelina

At the tail-end of last year, Joshua Owens-Baigler – having previously worked at The River Café - announced plans to open Angelina in Dalston. With Roman chef Daniele Celforo heading up the kitchen, the restaurant serves a regularly changing tasting menu which fuses Italian and Japanese influences. Angelina is not ...